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EEVBlog #704 - Rigol DS1054Z Oscilloscope Features Review

It was mentioned the hardware does not support the uV setting. Is there actually anything disadvantageous with enabling it?

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I can still see a waveform at that setting. Tried using both telnet and Ultra Sigma and can not uninstall the trial version. The commands work via both methods - cool! Guess I will have to wait for the trail version to expire before attempting a keygen based install Yattr, Do not 'Uninstall' the 'Trial' version. Just 'Install' using the 'Keygen' and the 'Trial' will be put into suspension, i. Teneyes Frequent Contributor Posts: Country:. Quote from: yattr on April 24, , am. Galenbo Super Contributor Posts: Country:. Quote from: g8bnr on April 23, , pm. If you try and take a cat apart to see how it works, the first thing you have on your hands is a nonworking cat.

Let the unit run over night to get past the 12 hour issue and repeated the cammands over the lan this morning. Which then generated a bad code which in turn set a 12 hour hold offer time until the correct code could be entered. Thanks for all the great hep from this site Quote from: Galenbo on April 24, , pm.

Quote from: ebastler on April 23, , pm. Quote from: ebastler on April 25, , am. Screen Shot at 9. Yes, I tried the software that you advised and it works fine in Windows XP, thank you for the information. Worked like a charm! Thanks to everyone who posted info and figured this all out, making it easy for a n00b like me! The easiest person to fool is yourself. This is National Instruments Virtual Instrument Software Architecture, providing an interface to hardware test equipment. If you want to run the graphical programs, install Numpy and matplotlib. If you're using Linux instead of Windows, see Mehta's article.

How to control and program the oscilloscope Once the software is installed below , connect the oscilloscope to the computer's USB port.

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  • Analyze an IR signal.

Use the USB port on the back of the oscilloscope, not the flash drive port on the front panel. Hopefully the code examples above are clear.

RIGOL DSZ screen capture on Linux - The Impossible Code

Once the oscilloscope connection is open, you can use scope. When the oscilloscope is under computer control, the screen shows Rmt and the front panel is non-responsive. The "Force" button will restore local control. Error handling in pyVisa is minimal. If you do any Rigol hacking, you'll definitely want to read this.

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Make sure you use the right programming guide for your oscilloscope model - other models have slightly different commands that seem plausible, but they will timeout if you try them. Conclusions Connecting an oscilloscope to a computer opens up many opportunities for processing the measurement data, and Python is a convenient language to do this.

The Long Memory mode is especially useful, since it provides extremely detailed data samples. Email This BlogThis! I really enjoyed this post. You always expose new and awesome information. Thank you for sharing your work so much! Ken I also have a Rigol and would like to try this out on Windows. Do you know of any tool to interface with it on windows?.

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  6. If you have a moment have a look at our AnalysIR project on Indiegogo. We would be happy to offer you a copy if the project is successful. We should have 20 protocols supported by the time it is released. Currently we support 17 IR protocols and are looking for more to add as part of the campaign. Suggestions Welcome! Sorry I assumed when I saw Python it was running on linux.

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    After clicking the link I see it supports windows. We will have lots of fun with this after Maker Faire : tnx again.

    Andrew Fletcher - Hand-knitted Software

    Thanks for the great article with the helpful code. I was wondering what you might suggest for fixing the 'Bad instrument list' error. Could it be because I'm running Python 3. Hi Norse!

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    Also, try printing the raw instrument list to see what you're getting. Thanks Ken, 2. Thanks again for the great article and help! Ken, looks like the code assoiciated with the "create. Ken, Any chance of giving me a pointer to a solution? I have no trouble seeing when another USB cable is plugged in - say an Arduino.

    On the Riogol, selecting computer or Pictbridge under Utilities does not make a difference. Any ideas? Thanks, Mike Alport. I just got this to work on Mac Os X Mavericks. Download and install the PyVisa according to the instructions. Modify Kens script with adding from pyvisa. Just looking at the first example and I couldn't change it to read channel 2. It needs:- scope.