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Download and install VMware Workstation VMware can go to the official Apple systems on Mac OS X installation disc image, use the dmg in the "Use ISO image file" at the choice of our Mac OS X installation disc image.
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If your machine is part of the mainstream configuration, you can discard the traditional real native partition installation method, while the use of virtual machine method described in this article, not only greatly reduce the problems encountered difficult, but also in the use of Mac OS X to get the experience is excellent the. This tutorial configuration needs: This tutorial method used by the virtual machine, provided that the machine's CPU must support hardware virtualization technology.

Download and install VMware Workstation VMware can go to the official website or on the ed2k network search download recommended. Described here no longer compile.

Install & Run Mac OS X 10.7 Lion in a Virtual Machine with VMWare

Apple systems on Mac OS X installation disc image, use the dmg format of the original image. Unlocker will automatically stop VMware services, backup VMware program files, program files crack VMware, restart the VMware service and a series of operations, and will automatically end the command line window. Creation process has the following non-default configuration:.

With a text editor such as Notepad to edit the virtual machine files where the author is E: First off I would really like to give my thanks for all your work in providing such a great easy to understand guide of accomplishing this task but I do have a question is it possible to change the hard drive set up? Thanks for the post…it works flawlessly….

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You are absolutely awesome! I also was able to upgrade to Hi there, thanks for the great description of setting up Lion in VMware. I have set-up Workstation 8 with Lion and everything works great! Any ideas how to set-up 2 displays?

Install OS X in VMware Fusion

Anyone had luck getting this run on on an x64 machine running VMware Workstation 8? Hi, First Thank You for your awesome help. I did all the steps as you explained however when i try to run vmware image it remains on apple logo and nothing happen even after long time. CPU performance also is low.

VMware Documentation for OS X

Could u help me??? Running VMware player 5….. Lion stuck at grey apple screen… Any ideas? Just run this: I have Hp laptop with latest bios and i5 processor. Help me please. Sorry to hear that nothing worked for you. U can try obtaining the latest version of Vmware 9 and follow above procedure carefully. Even i have the same processor and it worked for me….

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I am getting the same problem on a x64 pc, grey Apple screen comes up and does nothing then changes after a while to the stop sign. Comments I am getting an error like this after following the above process. Hi, After following the above process, I am getting error like this Screenshot — http: Its very common in Dell Laptops http: Thanks for the post…it works flawlessly… Can some one tell what is the root password? Thank You.

[How To] Apple Mac OS X Lion Install in VMWare Workstation

Hi, Please let me know if I can use the software update feature. Thanks, Peter.

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  4. Hope this will help… Regards Magesh K twitter. But my ethernet not detecting!!! Plz help.

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